Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (Begonia) v2.6 Beta Preview 1

Amazing things are coming soon from the CesiumOS Team!!! CesiumOS Core team is working on v2.6 as we speak. They are working hard around the clock to ensure we delivery the best custom rom around!

That being said our very own developer @SahilSonar has release a Beta Preview for our beloved Begonia! Here are some key changes:

  • Added dark mode for AOSP apps
  • Added panel for Mobile data, Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC
  • Added Data switch tile
  • Added Tint for QS Panel icons
  • Added OSS Style status bar icons with two rows as default
  • Added Smart Pixels and Aggressive battery mode
  • Added Samsung likes lock screen clock
  • Added support for internal audio recording
  • Added call recording
  • Updated MD2 icons
  • Updated Brightness slider
  • Updated to AOSP apps
  • Improved to Sync tile
  • Removed GApps

You can find and install this build here: https://cesiumos.xyz/devices/begonia

Note: This is both a Beta and just a Preview. So what does that mean?

  1. Since it is a beta it is recommend to clean flash, if you do not clean flash please do not spam our Community channel/comment section for help
  2. It is also just a Preview build meaning they are still many features that we are planning to add that are messing. All these features will be finalized once v2.6 is finished

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