New comment section!!!

Yeeeeeet! We have a commenting system now!

Not familiar with DISQUS?
No problem, disqus is a full featured commenting system many website use to help engage their users. It is EASY to use. All you have to do is log in with your preferred social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Disqus account) and start commenting. THAT’S IT!!!!

Why did we decided to use DISQUS?
Well as I am sure most users have already noticed or heard we have been having some issues with XDA and developers from other projects so we decided it would just be better to stop relying on them as much.

What does this mean for the future of CesiumOS?
NOTHING HAS CHANGED! We are simply migrating everything to our main website. Here maintainers will be able to help you as well as other users with any issues or questions you may have as this is publicly accessible and not hindered by XDA Mods.

Any good news?
THERE IS ALWAYS GOOD NEWS!!! As we speak CesiumOS is undergoing a complete source rework! Ummm English? We are making a new build of CesiumOS from the ground up! Meaning CesiumOS is gonna be better than ever. And if anyone says otherwise they are lying😉

#GetActive #CesiumOS #v2.6

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