Changelog 2.5

Let’s get more active!!!
  • February Security Patches(Android 10.0 r27).
  • Added Battery meter for Bluetooth devices.
  • Smoother Upload and Download Animation.
  • Added In call vibrations.
  • Allow enable/disable lock screen media art.
  • Added Network traffic meter.
  • Added optional MIUI like brightness slider & volume panel.
  • Added Always on Display tile.
  • Added three-finger swipe screenshot.
  • Fixes for the OTA package exporting.
  • Added brand new accents.
  • Added option to Hide notch cutout.
  • Added volume key music control.
  • Added some customizations for QS pannel.
  • Added some stuff inspired by OxygenOS.
  • Added missing VoLTE icon.
  • DT2S & DT2W added in!
  • Removed the annoying message, “Android system is corrupted” (For devices with prebuilt vendor image)
  • Added Navigation bar customizations!
  • Source Improvements and Bug fixes.
  • New ambient mode feature – Edge lighting.
  • Improved battery prediction from Turbo. (Get rid of AOSP one!)
  • Brand new boot animation for the latest and greatest release!
  • Added customizations for charging led.
  • Updated animations from Pixel 4XL
  • Switched to Pixel 4XL offline charging animation.
  • Updated a few prebuilt apps to Latest.
  • Source Improvements and Bug fixes.
  • Few Translations merged
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