Welcome to CesiumOS, Yet another AOSP project. But this is one that will be a very different and exciting project. What differentiates us from the rest, you ask? Well that’s why you’re here – to find out.



Open Source

Don’t see a feature you want? Have experience with custom roms? Fork it from Github and make it your own!


Up to date

Constantly ensuring that the latest security patches provided by Google to insure your device is as secure as possible!


Device Support

We support a wide range of devices and always try to expand it even more. Like our recently released Begonia build!



Making it simpler for you to stay updated by providing Over-the-air updates so you can easily and quickly update your device to the latest and greatest CesiumOS build.


App Locker

Your privacy is a top priority. That is why we added the ability to lock your apps with a pin to further protect your private apps.



With CesiumOS you can never say you had a slow day. CesiumOS is built with speed in mind. Making CPU intensive games feel like a true walk in the park.



Can’t wait to get your hands on CesiumOS?

Great to hear! Click on the button below to find the list of all supported/released devices for CesiumOS. Have fun flashing!

Latest: v2.6 Beta Preview

Don’t see your device?

I’m just here to flash

We are constantly supporting new devices, so it is just a matter of time. In a bit of a hurry to taste CesiumOS? You can always contacted a developer from another project to port CesiumOS to your device or join our Official Telegram Group to inquire about your device.

I’m a developer

We are always looking to support new devices. If you are a dedicated developer that will be able to release timely updates we would be happy to add you as an official CesiumOS maintainer. You can submit an application here to request Official Maintainership.

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